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Silver, Stone and Paper Collection

Tiny Chick Pottery

Hi, welcome to Tiny Chick Pottery!
My name is Julie.  I'm an artist from Aledo, TX - USA.

I've been drawing since I was a kid.  Recently, I started drawing ever single day based on advice I got from a YouTube Channel called Struthless.  This advice has really changed my life.  Where I'd always been chasing a different artistic hobby or craft idea in every direction now I found a simple focus and direction that set me on a crazy course of events.  To keep me accountable to my goal of drawing every single day for a year, I decided to show my work everyday to my Facebook following.  I get lots of laughs and encouragement.  And, then one day
I made a local map including a bunch of cute fun things to go and see in my town... then my following REALLY grew.  

Illustrated Zine Cover Art

As a result of drawing everyday, I started to have a serious collection of drawings stacked in a pile of portfolios.  Then I learned of this thing called a "zine."  It's basically a self-published magazine with no rules.  I spent a month or so putting together original drawings for it.  Below is the cover of the zine.  Inside you will find step by step instructions to teach the stick figure artist to take doodling to a higher level and a bunch of doodles for inspiration.

I'm printing, folding and binding each zine by hand so if you want one that's signed, I can totally do that for you.

Buy My Zine: If you Want Perfection, Take a Picture, Dude!

My stoneware pottery is handmade & wheel thrown in Aledo, TX.  

Tiny Chick Pottery Studio Channel on YouTube


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